Some of our community development work…

I have been a dormant blogger lately, which I apologize for! From a writing standpoint, I have been hard at work on my newest book project with Intervarsity Press, entitled “White Awake.” I am very excited with the progress, and if all goes well it will be out in October 2017.

On the church side, one of the most exciting endeavors over the past couple of years has been the rapid growth of R CITY, our sister, community development corporation. Led by Elizabeth Galik and Brandon Green, this organization is doing incredible work in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood. The vision of R CITY is to bring together the best of our city to build a path for families to walk from cradle to career to the glory of God.

Walking with young ones from cradle to career is no small feat, and we are made daily aware of the spectacular challenges facing many of the families in our community. But we are also daily reminded of the beauty and resiliency of our young people, and are really excited about watching so many of them grow.

We ran a number of programs this summer, one of which was an apprenticeship opportunity for young people looking to develop professional skills. One of the tracks was for apprentices that wanted to work with professional video editors and software coders to document our time together.  They designed and coordinated interviews, covered programs, edited for content and length.  The video below was created by these apprentices, and serves a double purpose of showcasing their work and celebrating stories of transformed lives in West Humboldt Park!

I’m thankful for all the amazing work happening at R CITY, and truly believe lives are being transformed. If you are looking for an up and coming ministry to invest in as this year comes to a close, I would highly recommend R CITY. You can learn more here.


7 responses to “Some of our community development work…”

  1. Pastor Daniel
    I’m so encouraged and excited to see what an impact River City has been to my community. I have been walking my neighborhood streets for the past 15 years intentionally praying for this. I look forward to seeing what other amazing things God is going to do through River City Church.
    Keep Loving, Listening, Discerning & Responding to our community.

  2. Thank you Nancy – many blessings on your ministry!

  3. And i love that metaphor by the way of the stone soup =)

  4. Welcome back to blogging 😉 Loved the video and also the title of your new, up-coming books…prayers. Blessings, Jan

    1. Jan, you are always such an encourager – thank you!!!!!

      1. Hi Daniel

        I have a couple questions for you and didn’t know where to go on your blog to email you. So I hope you get this email, this way. The first question is about your family: by any chance are you related to Pastor Hill from Crawford Bible Church, near Cicero (I believe) back in the 1970’s? John & I were students at Moody Bible Institute way back then, and we helped at Crawford B.C. in the Awana program there. Just curious. We graduated in 1976, so we are old-timers.

        The second question is about your publishing with Intervarsity Press. My husband has ben encouraging me to submit my self-published book to Intervarsity along with ideas for revision as a workbook. It seems that it’s possible to submit directly if one is a published author. But I wondered if you might have an editor contact that you would feel comfortable passing on to me for a direct contact. Please don’t feel any pressure here, Daniel. God is in control, and I fully trust in Him and His timing. But one of my mottos of life is “it doesn’t hurt to ask.” And by the way, I would be honored to send you a copy of my book either in softcover or as a free ebook (a code) version. Just let me know if you would care for me to do that. Here’s a link on my blog that tells about it…no pressure here either.

        Thanks for your ministry. If ever we are in Chicago again, it would be fun to worship with you and your church family.

        Blessings, dear brother Jan >” >

  5. Hi there! Sorry, just got this. Please feel free to email me!

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