River City Community Church first worship service at 3709 W. Grand

It’s been a long, often challenging, but ultimately rewarding journey for River City Community Church. We have renovated a small warehouse in West Humboldt Park to a church/community center, and we finally received the Certificate of Occupancy this Thursday. The interior still needs a lot of work (you can see the unfinished floors in the pictures), but we didn’t want to miss even a single Sunday in our new home. The building is unfinished – just as we are – but we had a joyous celebration commemorating Day 1 of the next chapter in our story.

Thanks again to Charlie Billups for these amazing pictures!

charlie billups

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4 responses to “River City Community Church first worship service at 3709 W. Grand”

  1. These are wonderful pictures, and I am so happy for you all!!

  2. Congrats, Daniel…

    God is good!


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  3. Nice. Way to go. Love seeing this.

  4. Amazing and beautiful. This is true ministry. (=

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