A day of Worship at River City Community Church

We had the joy of hosting Dr. Soong Chan Rah at River City yesterday. Dr. Rah is a Professor at North Park Seminary, author of a number of books, and was a pastor in Cambridge, MA for 10 years. It was a powerful time talking through the book of Lamentations, and using that as a way to understand God’s sovereignty over all history. He’s been a valuable voice in the history of River City, and has been helpful in our development of a theological framework for participating in Christ’s call to reconcile all things to himself.

Charlie Billups is one of the long time members at River City, and he is a phenomenal photographer. These are some of the amazing shots that he got during yesterday’s service. Thanks Charlie!

charlie billups

A day in the life of River City Community Church! – Sunday August 3, 2014

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One response to “A day of Worship at River City Community Church”

  1. Beautiful!… sorry we missed. Always appreciate the prophetic voice of Prof Rah. And, there is definitely something special about those River City kids… they make the service for me – every time!

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