The cyclical nature of spiritual transformation

Identity 1

[For those of you who get these via email, sorry, a rough draft of some of my posts next week was accidentally published. A more cleaned up and refined version will be re-sent on Monday. Here’s the one I meant to send!]

One of the elements of spiritual transformation that is intriguing to me (and at times frustrating) is the cyclical manner in which it works. To say it in reverse – spiritual transformation is not a logical, sequential process. It’s not as simple as “Learn A, then Do B,” and then “Learn C, and then Do D.” Instead, God takes us on a journey that often involves learning the same truth over and over again, but in different ways and in different seasons.

The blog series I have been doing on identity transformation does not represent an idea that I am just discovering for the first time. This has, in fact, been something that has been very core to my spiritual transformation journey for close to twenty years now.

And yet, there is something so new about it for me right now. I am in a season where I am experiencing the affirmation of God at an identity level in a fresh and powerful way. The account of the Baptism of Jesus, in particular, has served as a springboard into experiencing the voice of God in a timely manner. It is out of that experience that I am writing these blogs.

I’ve had a whole new set of experiences with it this week, and I look forward to sharing some of that in next week’s posts. Until then, here is a recap of the three posts I shared this week. Thanks for being on the journey with me. I hope and pray that you too get to experience the joy of being delighted in and delighting in the presence of God:

Part 1: “The words that we most desperately long to hear” (click here)

Part 2: “Why is it so hard to receive the blessing of God?” (click here)

Part 3: “Barriers to the Blessing” (click here)

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