White Awake // Community Christian

Was thankful for the opportunity to partner with Community Christian Church – a multi-site congregation in the Chicagoland area – as they endeavored to have a church-wide discussion on how white Christians should think about white supremacy from a Biblical perspective.

Community Christian was co-founded by Dave and Jon Ferguson, and they have been dedicated to the mission of “helping people find their way back to God” for decades. Dave also co-founded the Exponential Conference, which resources thousands of pastors an a yearly basis.

In June of 2019 Community Christian did a series called “Conversations,” where they addressed three social issues that don’t get talked about enough in certain spaces: race, incarceration, and mental illness. For each installment they showed a 25-minute, edited video of Dave interviewing the speaker.

There is so much more to discuss when developing a Biblical worldview for understanding white supremacy, but I thought the editors did a good job of getting a lot of the important points from the White Awake interview. The link to the final video is below, with permission from Dave. I hope it can play some small part in advancing the conversation:

White Awake interview with Dave Ferguson and Daniel Hill

2 responses to “White Awake // Community Christian”

  1. Daniel Hill, I left a message on your website but have not heard back. I am in North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and we would love to have you come for a Saturday Conference and Sunday am preaching. How do I get connected to see about your schedule?
    I am a member of the Reconciliation Team and am asking with the support of the leadership of North Ave Pres.
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Blessings, Jane

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