R CITY Rockstars

We are so excited about the work of our companion nonprofit R City. They are doing some amazing things, working to bring together the best of our city to build a path for families to walk children from cradle to career to the glory of God.

I’d love to ask you to do a couple of things if you are open to it:
1.) Check out some of their work at http://www.rcitycdc.org
2.) Consider blessing them with a year end donation – and get a killer shirt for doing it!

Thank you, and many blessings this Advent season!


R CITY is seeking a few rockstars.  Luckily, the qualifications are not extensive: any new monthly donor qualifies and receives the honorary R CITY rockstar shirt.

RCITY tshirts (2)

So do it: rock R CITY with your monthly gift and we’ll be your forever fans.  We may not get a tattoo with your name on it, but we will send you a shirt.

Available in gray, navy, or an intense and impressive black.

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