Racial Identity and the Church

reconciliation - different names

I was honored to participate in an article on the important topic of Racial Identity and the Church, written by my friend Austin Brown. Within the piece she interweaves thoughts from both Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, a dear friend and mentor, as well Mihee Kim Kort, who is also a good friend and who has been on a serious book writing run lately.

This is a topic that I wish I was exposed to sooner – I now see it as a core dimension of Christian discipleship. I wrote about my own self discovery around racial-cultural identity last year on Christena Cleveland’s fabulous blog (see it here), and emphasize the centrality of this topic there as well.

So check out this fantastically written article by Austin. You can find it here:

Racial Identity and the Church

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One response to “Racial Identity and the Church”

  1. Great read. These ladies always bring fresh insight… you are in good company, Daniel!

    As well, one of the things I love about RCC is when you honor people’s personal heritage by the telling of their own stories. It is so rich and unpacks the beauty of being a true ethnic & economic blended body… I love your teaching; but, honestly, some days I gain more from these deep stories for my Sunday God worship/whispering… Keep it going!

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