Compelling quotes from the CCDA conference

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I had such an amazing time at the CCDA conference, and was Tweeting like crazy while there. I compiled all my favorite Dr. Perkin’s quotes in the first post, and Dr. Marshall Hatch’s in my second. Here is the best of the rest. If you care about justice, community development, and holistic faith, then you will love both these amazing people and these amazing quotes:

From Terry LeBlanc, Mi’kmaq/Acadian Native theologian & activist:

“The overarching theme of our U.S. history is the pursuit of prosperity. Religious freedom was part, but prosperity was main.”

“You don’t find in history one group of people seeking prosperity w/out at least one other group paying the bill.”

From James Gailliard () a pastor & community developer in North Carolina:

“Flourishing is about knowing your identity in Jesus & contextualizing that wherever he sends you.”

“Flourishing is about knowing your identity in Jesus & contextualizing that wherever he sends you.”

“Only Jesus can carry the weight of my identity.”

“It’s not a donkey or elephant that determines our morality but the Lion of Judah.”

From Leroy Barber (@LeroyBarber), ED of Word Made Flesh and Chairman of the Board for CCDA:

“Power never wakes up in the morning and says, ‘How can I give myself away today?’”

“Power concedes nothing unless it is confronted.”

Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero (@salgueros), co-lead pastors of the multiethnic Lamb’s Church in NYC (and Pastor Gabriel is also President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition):

“Lament is power because before people will follow you they must know you love them.”

“Lament is rooted in the reality of brokeness, but hope is rooted in the reality of God.”

“Rosa Parks sat so MLK could walk. MLK walked so we could run. We run so our children can fly.”

Ruth Padilla-Deborst, General Secretary of the Latin American Theological Fellowship:

“The hope of the Gospel leads us to hope for justice and abundant life for ALL people”

“The North American church needs a vital, honest confrontation with the problem of paternalism.”

“We need to care of the victims of global injustice in the light and love of the wounded lamb.”

“Full human flourishing takes place because of the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“Recognize that your life is part of an interconnected relational history.”

Miscellaneous (but awesome) quotes:

“We must beware of seeking our own liberation at the expense of others.” – Dr Louie Carlo

“If you’ve come because your liberation is bound up w/mine, then let’s work together.” – Pastor Phil Jackson ()

“Can we judge the success of our churches not by the members in pews but by the flourishing of the poorest neighbors?” – Noel Castellanos

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