Paul @ Mars Hill: an 8-part overview

Mars Hill 1

There are a lot of important conversations around issues of justice happening in our country right now. I added some blog thoughts on both Ferguson and the incredibly unjust case of Marissa Alexander to the conversation. I really hope that we don’t begin to minimize these as our attention shifts to new stories.

In between, I wrote a number of blog posts on the significant sermon that Saint Paul gave at the Areopagus in Athens, Greece (this is often referred to as Mars Hill, and the picture above is the current remains). This passage of Scripture is particularly important for anyone who:

1.) Is looking for a clear, comprehensive description of a Christian worldview — I have studied most of Paul’s sermons, and I personally believe this is the single best one to ponder if you want to see the full spectrum of how Paul thought about faith in Jesus. Each phrase is worth extended reflection, which is why I felt the need to do 8 separate posts!

2.) Is working in diverse environments (whether that be race, culture, economics, or religious) — Luke, the author of Acts, goes through great pains to demonstrate how diverse Paul’s audience was. It’s complicated enough to talk about deep issues of faith when you are in a homogenous setting. But the degree of difficulty grows exponentially when a diverse community forms. There are few places in the Bible that are better for navigating faith conversations in diverse communities than this.

So here they are! My 8 blog posts on Paul’s sermon at Mars Hill:

Part 1: How do you effectively preach to a culturally diverse crowd? (click here)

Part 2: On the Nearness of God (click here)

Part 3: The beauty and complexity of seeking “truth” together in diverse communities (click here)

Part 4: Searching for an unseen God (click here)

Part 5: What I learned about the Imago Dei from Dr. John Perkins (click here)

Part 6: In him we live and move and have our being (click here)

Part 7: Belovedness, Racism, and Reconciliation (click here)

Part 8: The Biblical confusion between the words ‘justice’ and ‘righteousness’ (click here)

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