Meet the Revangelicals: My blog interview with Brandan Robertson


One of the joys that comes with my line of work is making new friendships in unexpected places, and Brandan Robertson fits in this category. Brandan is one of the real sharp thinkers of this generation, and it is truly astounding to me how much knowledge and insight he has accumulated at such a young age. It is a delight to interact with him and exchange ideas every chance I get, and I would highly recommend you follow his work.

He runs a very successful blog for Patheos called Revangelical, and we had a fantastic conversation about faith, fear, mission, millenials leaving the church, my upbringing, and many other fascinating topics. I spent a lot of time considering the answers to these fantastic questions, so I’d love it if you took a couple minutes to read. Thanks!

Read Meet the Revangelicals: Pastor Daniel Hill

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it says, that he “desires to build-bridges across cultural, theological, and political divides and to help others rethink, reform, and renew what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in our post-modern, post-Christian world.”


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