Truth, Lies, Evil, the Abundant Life, Justice and more…

Brazilian Jesus

When I told Liz that I was going to start a blog series on the presence of evil and the need to intelligently understand spiritual warfare, her reflexive response was, “Who’s going to read that?” I couldn’t help but laugh, since I’m sure it’s true. Who wants to spend their precious free time reflecting on powers and principalities of darkness?

And yet, the topic remains incredibly relevant to almost every single thing that we care about. Healthy relationships, vibrant faith, the experience of abundant life… none of these happen without learning how to overcome the lies of the evil one. Jesus took this very truth head on. Though he declared his intentions to lead us to life abundant, he warned that there was a thief who would look to steal, kill and destroy it.

This week I also had a lot of conversations and experiences where the topic of justice/injustice was prevalent. Conversations like this only galvanize my passion around this topic more. I am convinced that when we talk about weighty topics like this without recognizing the dark side of evil that perpetuates systems of historical injustice, we end up addressing it at only a superficial level.

I’ll continue to dive into the subject matter next week, but for a Friday blog I thought I’d do a recap of what’s been covered so far:

Part 1: “Identity, Activism, and… The Armor of God?” (click here)

Part 2: “#1010Life – What are we to make of the “thief” that tries to steal abundant life?” (click here)

Part 3: “Demystifying Spiritual Warfare” (click here)

Have a happy and blessed weekend!

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One response to “Truth, Lies, Evil, the Abundant Life, Justice and more…”

  1. Great series… plan to share with others wrestling with this subject!

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