Learning Christ // Identity Transformation [week recap]

Identity in Christ

I am exploring the theme of Identity Transformation, and am using the idea of “Learning Christ” as the launching point. I’ve had a lot of great responses, so thanks for reading and for interacting with the ideas. I’m just warming up, and am excited to keep diving deeper into the topic next week.

I’ve done 5 posts so far, and the full recap is below. I’ll pick back up on Monday!

Part 1: “The 10.10 Life – the need to Learn Christ” (click here)

Part 2: “The 10.10 Life – The Baptism of Jesus” (click here)

Part 3: “Faith, Justice, Identity… and the need to Learn Christ” (click here)

Part 4: “Life as a House” (click here)

Part 5: “Where Identity Transformation Begins” (click here)

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One response to “Learning Christ // Identity Transformation [week recap]”

  1. […] and “putting on” our identity as children of God (I talk a lot more about that here and here if you are […]

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