Update on court case and donation protocol


Thanks to all of you for the level of interest, encouragement, and affirmation that you have shared towards the young woman’s case overviewed in “Injustice in the Courtroom.” As you would imagine, there have been some really hard parts for her throughout this process. But the love and grace shown by such a wide range of people has been a really meaningful counterpoint. As a church we’ve been praying that despite the injustice that she experienced that she would also experience the love of God in tangible and demonstrative ways. You have helped make that prayer come true!

A lot of you have asked if you could make a donation to help offset the court costs, which is very gracious. We have decided that the most transparent and effective way for us to do that is to take in donations through the church. That way there can be a group of people that monitor the giving and ensure that it all goes 100% to her and that there is plenty of accountability around it. This also allows us to give any donors a year end giving statement for their tax records.

If you would like to make a donation to her court fees, here are two options:

  1. Paypal – to do this, go to our site at http://www.rivercitychicago.com and click on the button on the left that says “offering and tithes.” You can enter your credit card info, and there is a field that asks for you to add a message. Please notate that it is a donation towards the court case fees.
  2. Mail – if you prefer to do it via check, please mail it to River City Community Church / 2124 N Milwaukee / Chicago, IL / 60647

Thank you again for the gracious and generous response. There is still a lot of traction with her story – just this week it reprinted on two national websites: Empowermagazine.com and Socialistworker.org. She also has been approached by a news station down South seeing if they can run a story on it. So we are prayerfully discerning next steps, and we will continue to keep you updated.

Thanks again!

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2 responses to “Update on court case and donation protocol”

  1. Thank you for updating us with this info, Daniel. It’s nice to feel in the loop even though I’m so geographically far away. 🙂

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