Introducing the hashtag “#1010Life”

-10-10-coverAs most of you know, I’ve got a book coming out May 20th called 10:10: Life to the Fullest. This project has been a real labor of love, and it has been filled with a lot of up’s and down’s (if you’re interested in the process, you can track some of the milestone moments here: 1, 2, 3). The process of finding both my voice and the clear message of the book required far more iterations than I initially expected. But five years later it is almost here!

I have really enjoyed working with Baker Books (my publisher), and they have made an investment in me that is already paying off dividends. They hired Tim Schraeder as a consultant for my social media strategy, and I have really enjoyed working with him.

The world of social media is intriguing, because it offers the ability to be connected to such a wide spectrum of people that crosses geographic, cultural, and denominational borders. It’s also got a potential downside though – their are SO many voices and ideas vying for people’s attention. How can someone possibly know which voices to make time to listen to and ideas to interact with?

I wrestle with this as someone who enjoys reading and interacting with a lot of people – how do I most effectively wave through the crowded marketplace of ideas on social media? Now I am also wrestling with this as an author. How do I take the ideas that I want to talk about, and get them out there in such a crowded and noisy atmosphere in a way that they will be heard?

This is a question that Tim has really helped me to think through in a productive way. He’s helped me to take the focus away from the pressure in the publishing world to “build your platform” (a phrase I have come to despise, and will write more about soon…). Instead, he’s encouraged me to really think through what kind of a conversation that I want to start. That is where the world of social media can become such a powerful medium – it can create space for important conversations that involve a myriad of different voices and perspectives.

This helped me to reframe the way that I hope to engage with social media. The whole genesis of the book 10:10 was the desire to further explore the promise of Jesus that he has come to bring life in its fullest expression (John 10:10). This promise is well known but rarely experienced, and that is a source of intrigue for me. It has regularly elicited questions like this:

  • Why is there such a discrepancy between those who want to experience the 10:10 Life and those who actually do?
  • If I am not experiencing the 10:10 Life, what can I change or do to move towards it?
  • For that matter, what does the 10:10 Life even look like?

This blog will remain the primary vehicle by which I will be exploring ideas, and I am trying to better integrate my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the conversation as well.

That’s where the hashtag #1010Life comes in. Both Twitter and Instagram use hashtags to thread conversations together, so I am going to start using that to connect my various ideas together. It will also serve as the means by which I can track your thoughts and perspectives. I’m excited to put some energy into the conversation around this important topic of spiritual wholeness/fullness. I think it is so important, and touches every dimension of the human experience.

So beginning this week, you will see #1010Life start to show up in a lot of my stuff. I would love it if you would participate in the conversation and add your own thoughts to it. I’d like to begin to build a thread that integrates a wide variety of perspectives into the ultimate question: What does it mean to experience fullness of life in God?

Thanks again for all of your support. I am excited to see where this goes, and I am grateful for every one of you!

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4 responses to “Introducing the hashtag “#1010Life””

  1. #1010Life… we’re In & we, too, love beloved, creative fellow, downstate roots guy Tim Schraeder!

  2. Love it. Great work and thanks for your kind words!— Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 9:04 AM, Daniel Hill’s Blog

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