My story, the identity of church, and the role of pastors…

RC Worship

I set out to write a single blog post on the way that Ephesians chapter 4 played a huge role in the shaping of my life. That ended up turning into 8 posts! My friends at River City tease me all the time that I can’t write anything short, and maybe they are right =)

This goes through some of the early chapters of my story, and it also looks at the way that this particular passage of Scripture has influenced my understanding on both the identity of the Church and the leaders that God places within it. I’m very different now than I was back then, but these are the themes that laid a foundation that God would continue to build upon years later:

  1. The (unexpected) story of how I felt “called” into ministry (click here)
  2. How I accidentally stumbled into Willow Creek Community Church… (click here)
  3. The most profound encounter I’ve ever had with God (click here)
  4. The day my hope in church was restored (click here)
  5. How the crazy idea of being a pastor ever got in my head (click here)
  6. It’s hard to understand the identity of church without first thinking about the meaning of a King (click here)
  7. The Healing King… and how that should affect the way we think about Church (click here)
  8. Some thoughts on the role of a pastor… and why that’s really important to understand for everyone that’s not a pastor! (click here)

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