Fear, Faith, and Courage — Series Recap


I just completed a 2-week blog series on fear, faith and courage. The fact that the Bible repeats the command to “fear not” 365 times only begins to foreshadow the vast importance of this topic.  Whatever we fear is what we are ultimately subject to, so there are few things more important than learning to identify and master our fears.

Courage is what pulls us through the fear, and I am convinced that courage can only be developed alongside of faith. Positive thinking, mind games, and pop psychology can only take us so far. Ultimately, we need the power of God to help us overcome our fears.

That is why the Bible so regularly commands us to “fear not.” There is no expectation that we won’t fear – we cannot be finite human beings without feeling afraid at time. Instead, the expectation is that we would learn to hear and see God in the midst of our fear, and courageously move towards him in faith during those vulnerable moments.

Here is a recap of the 7 posts I wrote, each with a different perspective on the relationship between fear, faith, and courage. I hope and pray that courageous faith is something every one of us can take positive steps towards this year!

Part 1: What is your New Year’s Resolution: How about mastering COURAGE? (Link here)

Part 2: Why Fear is so Dangerous, and why Courage is such a game changer (Link here)

Part 3: What I learned about Faith and Courage from Nelson Mandela (Link here)

Part 4: What I learned about Courage from Maya Angelou (Link here)

Part 5: What I learned about Faith and Courage from Dr. John Perkins (Link here)

Part 6: What I learned about Faith and Courage from Gary Haugen (Link here)

Part 7: The Defining Question: Safe or Brave? (Link here)

PS – If there was anything in one of these posts that resonated with you, or if you have a thought of your own to add on courage, I’d love to hear it in the comments section!

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