Some quotes from Bishop Charles Blake…

charles_blakeOne of the evening plenaries at CCDA 2012 was led by Bishop Charles Blake, who serves as the Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., a 6 million-member Pentecostal-Holiness denomination. There were many attenders at the conference that were excited to hear him, and it’s obvious that his life and ministry have touched a lot of people.

Here were some of the memorable quotes that I was able to capture:

“It’s not about your resources; it’s about your God.”

“Our organs work and serve together for the good of the whole body.  Each organ contributes to the whole. We cannot thrive if we think and work for ourselves alone.  We are part of God’s body, and so I need you.”

“God will sometimes take something you have and bring it down to nothing so that he can get the glory.”

“God brings dead things to life and gives that power to us.”

“Make no small plans, for we serve an able and powerful God.”

“He waits until the multitudes have no food left.  God never starts until it is too late.  He waits until Lazarus is not only sick but dead.”

“God has been too good to us for us not to be productive.”

“Make sure your vision is big enough to require a miracle. This is no time for timid servants.  The kingdom of evil has risen and its time for the almighty servants of God to rise up and say, “no matter how limited my resources are I will take the world for Jesus Christ.””

“Don’t bury the gift God has given you.  You have a good lawyer (1 John 1 – advocate).  You have power (Acts 1.8 – God’s power lives inside of you).”

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