Cameron Career Day

I wanted to post a follow-up post on the Career Day we participated in at Cameron Elementary School.

I thought I would include a few of the reports from those who went, as well as the follow up message from Principal Harden.


So I just returned from Cameron’s 2nd Annual Career day. I can only say it was life giving! Adrianne Palmer and I visited one 5th grade, two 8th grade and one 7th grade classes. There were about 45-50 adults from various walks of life sharing their stories and suggestions with K-8th graders.

We gathered in the library from 8:15 to 9:30am. Mr. Stephen Harden, the principal and his staff had prepared a nice welcoming atmosphere and gave a short presentation about the reason behind the Career Day. He’s a passionate man, on a clear mission to make every opportunity for kids and parents and the West Humboldt Park community to live into the positive future. His main focus is the kids and their educational success but he also recognizes that he can’t do it alone.

Rivercity was there representing a multi-ethnic, multi-talented and passionate team. I had multiple conversations with RC3 folks and others about different ideas to help support Cameron and their on-going journey. We asked a lot of questions about ways to support and improve the educational experience in conjunction with the teachers and staff and other sectors of West Humboldt park.

The kids were great! They asked a lot of intriguing questions and got excited when we talked about inventing new things or developing ways to combat disease or solve problems in society. Mr. Hardin did an excellent job of serving us and helping us debrief and envisioning the 3rd annual career day. I’m glad I decided to go even though it was at the last minute. (Ivan Gonzalez)


Stephanie Low and I got to be “classroom buddies” and talk to the kids together.  We spent time with two classes of kindergardeners, one class of first graders, and one class of third graders.  Yes, Ivan, the kids were great! – so curious and lively and (even the little ones) well behaved – those kindergarden teachers definitely have got game!  I was also impresssed with how open the kids are – maybe it’s just because they are young, but they were comfortable talking about experiences at the doctors (Stephanie was decked out in her lab coat and stethoscope!), asking me if I was ever afraid when I travelled, talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up – all sorts of things.  I was not able to stay for the full debrief, but was impressed with how principal Harden was capturing on powerpoint slides what he was hearing from the group – this is one focused dude. (Kim Moreland)


What an enriching time with the Cameron students, career day volunteers and school staff! I feel so blessed to have had this experience yesterday, where I learned so much about Cameron school and the lives of the students. I also made a new friend-who is consequently my neighbor! I was paired up with Jennifer Fletcher and we have so much in common-so we will be staying in touch. She taught first grade at Cameron last year. We visited two kindergarten classes, 4th and 6th grades. The questions and comments were very interesting-they made me laugh and cry. I even got a chance to see some of the old students who are now in 6th grade, that I volunteered with last year. This was a special reunion and I hope to spend more time with them after I have this baby-in the new year!
I could tell that it really means a lot for the students to have visitors spend time with them-it makes them feel important and loved. Jennifer also reinforced what Principal Harden was saying about the “school buzz” for days after the career day takes place. I think this is remarkable and we should try to have even more of a presence in this school, since we are so warmly welcomed. Principal Harden is very receptive and organized. What a great school! (Brigitte Green)


This was a fantastic event…!  In addition to good students, I had fun meeting other adults.  It made me very happy to see people from all walks of life who were taking time away from their busy schedules to spend time with the kids. I thought the police and correctional officers were especially fascinating although they made me jealous that I didn’t have a cool uniform or a gun. Personally, I’d like to do it every year, and it was nice to hang out with some River City folks who I haven’t spent a lot of time with. (Jon Milonas)


I’d like to echo Jon’s comments, I had a great time at the event and probably learned more from the kids than they learned from me! In any case, thanks so much for letting me be a part of this event and I hope to be able to do it again next year. (Jarrett Annenberg)


And this was Principal Harden’s email after the event:

Dear Friend of Cameron,

On behalf of the children of Cameron Elementary, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for you participation in the 2nd Annual Cameron Career Day event.  The event continues to exceed our expectations and please know that the staff and students gushed about your inspirational presentations.

Your constructive feedback will help us to improve next year’s event, and I will also share your email addresses with staff they may wish to engage you in other ways.

Thanks again.

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