Vantage Point #3 – almost there!

As mentioned in the last 2 posts, I am needing to come up with working names for the three different vantage points that I am exploring (see here for more info on these). In the current format I just simply call them “Vantage Point” 1, 2, 3 – but I have been told that can be confusing.  So I am trying to come up with a name that I could use for each vantage point.

There have been great suggestions given for each of the two, and I am very grateful to all of you that have shared your ideas with me.  Here is the last one!

Vantage point 3:

This person considers faith important, and considers that faith rooted in Christianity.  The manifestation of their faith is primarily found in the realm of social justice.  These are people who believe that a relationship with Jesus should translate primarily into compassion and justice on behalf of the poor.

For many of these people, the commitment plays itself out in volunteerism – serving meals at shelters, tutoring students, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, becoming a big brother or big sister with a mentoring program, etc.  Sometimes their commitment actually reorients their career paths –inner city schoolteachers, social workers, Peace Corps, etc.

Suggestions so far:

  • Activist
  • Social Justice Vantage Point

What are your ideas for possible names for this vantage point? 

Please share!!!

4 responses to “Vantage Point #3 – almost there!”

  1. I like Activist, except that out may come off as too confrontational for some.

    This had been the focus of the Catholic church for decades…
    I believe they termed it “missional”.

    I’ve also heard “Social Gospel” applied here.

    1. Thanks George – i appreciate it!

  2. Purposeful Relevance. Purposeful meaning: resolved to do something one believes in. Relevance meaning: Application or concernment/Pertinent to the matter at hand.


    Commissioned Influence. Commissioned meaning: Authorized mission or service. Influence meaning: Compelling force.

    1. Thanks Brigitte =)

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