Vantage Point #2 – keep the ideas coming!

As mentioned earlier, I am needing to come up with working names for the three different vantage points that I am exploring (see here for more info on these). In the current format I just simply call them “Vantage Point” 1, 2, 3 – but I have been told that becomes confusing.

In the last post I asked for suggestions for the first vantage point, and these were some of the ideas that came in:

  • Spiritualist
  • Multi-focused faith
  • Wisdom walker
  • Spiritual seeker
  • Theosophical view
  • Sober prudence (see comments on this post for explanation)

Super helpful – thanks!  Now, onto the next vantage point.

Vantage point 2:

This person considers faith important, and considers their faith rooted in Christianity. The manifestation of that faith finds the bulk of its emphasis focused on the realm of personal renewal.  These are people who believe that a relationship with Jesus should translate primarily into personal morality and individual transformation.

Like the other two vantage points, there are a lot of different shades to this cross section.  But the common denominator is the emphasis on cultivating a strong, personal relationship with God.  Activities usually associated with this are faithful preaching and teaching of sound doctrine, commitment to personal disciplines (i.e. study, prayer, meditation, memorization, fasting, etc.), participation in Bible studies or accountability groups, and a strong emphasis on confession and repentance.

Suggestions so far:

  • Personalist
  • Spiritual Formation Vantage Point
  • Personal Focused Christian

What are your ideas for possible names for this vantage point? 

Please share!!!

5 responses to “Vantage Point #2 – keep the ideas coming!”

  1. Vantage point #2
    Solitary diligence

  2. Personal growth/discipleship, especially when contrasted with the Community/communal growth person in Vantage Point #3

  3. Vantage Points 1-3 suggestions:

    Concerned, Committed, Compelled

    Ambiguous Faith, Accepted/ Active Faith, Applied/ Articulated Faith

    Marginal (or maybe minimal), Maturing, Motivated

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