What would you call this person?

Hey, as I am finishing up the first draft of the manuscript of my book, I am needing to come up with working names for the three different vantage points that I am exploring (see here for more info on these).  In the current format I just simply call them “Vantage Point” 1, 2, 3 – but I have been told that becomes confusing.  I don’t typically use labels , but if the lack of them is confusing then I am happy to rename them.

Some good names have already been suggested.  One person proposed “spiritualist,” “personalist,” and “activist” for the three vantage points. Another person suggested the “spiritual formation vantage point” and the “social justice vantage point” as a couple of names.

Here is the first Vantage Point. Can you give me some suggestions as to what might be a good label?

Vantage point 1:

Consider faith important, consider Christianity a good source of inspiration for faith, but would not necessarily call themselves a Christian.

It is the man or woman who might see Christianity as a viable source for wisdom and insight on faith, but not necessarily the controlling factor in his or her own faith journey. They may like Jesus.  They may include Jesus as one of the sources of inspiration in their faith journey. But they are not ready to say their spiritual allegiance is exclusively to Jesus.

What are some possible names for this vantage point? Do you like ‘spiritualist?’  What are some other possibilities?

Please give me some ideas!

3 responses to “What would you call this person?”

  1. For vantage point 1: “SOBER PRUDENCE”

    Defined as: Practical common sense, taking the trouble to think out what what you are doing and what is likely to come of it. (The Business of Heaven, Daily Readings From C.S.Lewis)

  2. Thanks Brigitte! That’s a great C.S. Lewis quote!

  3. How about ‘new age’?

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