The Energy of Heaven

Been thinking a lot about this wonderful and picturesque phrase from Bishop NT Wright describing what the meaning of the Resurrection is: “Jesus has risen, is in charge, and the energy of Heaven has been set loose.”

The purpose of these next few posts is to ask the question, “If the energy of Heaven has been set loose, how do we know the signs?”  In the last post we looked at the words of Jesus, who said the Spirit of God is like the wind.  You can’t see the wind, you don’t know where its coming from, and you don’t know where it’s going, yet you can always see the effects of the wind.  The same is true of the energy of Heaven – we should be able to see the effects as the Spirit of God unleashes the forces of Heaven to bring God’s kingdom to earth here and now.

So where do we look for these signs?

In the New Testament Jesus was the quintessence of God’s life giving force. Everywhere Jesus came and went left a trail of transformed scenes: blind people that could see, sick people that had been restored to health, fishermen no longer at their nets, skeptics confounded, the dead raised to life, lost people coming to faith.

But the Resurrection represented something incredibly important.  No longer would Jesus be the primary gateway for the power of Heaven to flow through – the people of God would be.  The Spirit would be released and those who were connected to God through Jesus Christ would now carry the capacity to be the ones that the energy of Heaven flowed through.

As Dr. John Perkins says so eloquently, “The Christian Church is a continuation of the life of Jesus.  As He was, so are we on the world.  We are to be the ones that Jesus now ministers to the world through.”

If this is true (and I most certainly believe it is), then the place to observe where the energy of Heaven was first set loose is the book of Acts.  ‘Acts’ is actually shorthand for the ‘Acts of the Apostles.’  The Apostles who had known and lived with Jesus were changed forever by the Resurrection, and they believed we should be too.

The book of Acts opens by saying the Spirit of God came upon them like a mighty wind, and the book then proceeds to showcase what some of the premier signs of the Energy of Heaven were.

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