Principles of Community Development – #5

Finishing a series of posts looking at the 5 principles that govern the Harlem Children’s Zone model…

Principle 5: Culture of Success

We could not do the work we do without an organizational culture that emphasizes accountability, leadership, teamwork, and a deep, shared passion to improve the lives of poor children. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, because we know that the way we present ourselves as role models to our young people matters a great deal. This combination of shared values and high standards leads to great morale and staff pride. We consider it a privilege to work for HCZ in the interests of Harlem’s children.

Careful hiring practices help to bring individuals with the right values and ethics to work for HCZ. Ongoing staff training and leadership development help to build and upgrade human capital within the organization.

We are ambitious in our goals and determined to meet them. We believe and work wholeheartedly to ensure that all our children will succeed. The only way to do that is with a motivated, dedicated, highly trained staff working together with a common purpose.

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