A quote in Christianity Today

I was notified this week that I was quoted in the latest issue of Christianity Today.  The following question was posed to a variety of pastors and church leaders: “Are Evangelicals Doing a Good Job at Racial Integration?”  The entire list of quotes can be found here.

I have to admit that I often get nervous now whenever i hear i have been quoted.  A couple of years ago it seemed exciting, but that was largely due to the fact that I had an idealized view on how these things worked.  Someone asks me a question, I answer the question, and then that answer is posted just how I said it as well as in the context of how I said it.

Instead I had a series of experiences where I ended up cringing when I saw the actual quote in print.  A couple of times I was misquoted, and that was extremely frustrating.  A couple of times the quote was technically correct, but it was taken out of context from what I had intended to communicate.  That is the hardest part to me about quotes.  I can talk to someone for 90 minutes and have a wonderful conversation.  I walk away from the conversation assuming I was clear about what I was communicating.  But then I have no control which part of the conversation ends up in print, nor do I have any control over the spirit of that quote being clear.  With such important and charged topics such as race, culture, justice, faith, and spirituality, this makes quotes kind of scary.

So that is my fear with being quoted, and this fear has led me to become far more cautious.  I supposed at the end of the day increased caution is one of the great benefits that comes from all this.  My prayer is that God will grant me a growing sense of wisdom and discernment as I try to contribute to some of the important conversations happening in our country in a way that it is not about me, that honors God, and that advances the cause…

3 responses to “A quote in Christianity Today”

  1. I thought the quote was very well said. I appreciate your perspective; it’s insight that continues to be incredibly needed within the larger Evangelical world.

    1. Thanks David. By the way, i liked your article on sex at out of Ur. Hope life with the little one has been filled with wonder

  2. Pastor
    I understand your growing cautiousness. We all grow more wise when we have our fingers get burned. I can only urge and encourage you to continue on with the journey ahead of you… what God has called and enabled you to create in River City is a special, important place in the life of Chicago. I for one can’t wait to see what comes next

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