Talking to kids about race

I thought this Newsweek article was interesting, and certainly hits a topic I think about a lot.  As both the father of a young son and the pastor of a church that aspires to raise kids up as future reconcilers, this topic is an important one.

I don’t think the advice given here is exhaustive, and it may not even be something all parents agree with.  But it is a good starting point for discussion.

The conclusion of her article gives these three keys:

1. Knowledge: It’s important to give kids factual information…

2. Honesty: Kids understand when things aren’t fair. According to them, they are victims of unfairness nearly everyday. So tell them what discrimination really is, don’t sugarcoat it.

3. Practice:

3 responses to “Talking to kids about race”

  1. Hey! Just found your blog. Awesome!!

  2. At, the source for kid-friendly answers on how the world works, we’ve partnered with qualified experts (including Multiracial Sky and NutureShock) for talking tips and advice on discussing race with kids ages 4-7:

    1. That is very helpful – thanks

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